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Lockdown Lawyers: Never Forgotten - by Carl Buckley

Lockdown Lawyers is an anthology of poetry on how the COVID-19 crisis has hit legal aid lawyers and the provision of advice and advocacy. There are over 50 contributions from barristers, solicitors, advisers and some of their family members. The poems range from haiku to multi-page poems and touch upon crime, mental health, the lack of courts and how practitioners are coping working from home (or not).

Edited by Emma Trevett and Jon Whitfield QC, Lockdown Lawyers aims to mark what has been the most unusual and difficult of times, show how despite the decades of cuts we as a sector have coped. It aims to raise a smile and most importantly, all proceeds to the book will be donated to Law Centres Network to continue their work for the most vulnerable people in society.

Visit the website here and pre-order your copy of Lockdown Lawyers.

Guernica 37's Carl Buckley contributed to the forthcoming publication with a piece entitled "Never Forgotten".

Darkness follows the passing of the light,

Emotions peaked to almost eternal night

We persevere our senses heighten,

Gradually the pressure starts to lighten

Pushing through and pressing strong

Where there was one, we are together, an increasing throng.

The devastation, the chaos, it passes

The level of sacrifice not forgotten by the masses


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