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Pro Bono | Guernica 37

Our Pro Bono Commitment

Guernica 37 Chamber's ambitions go beyond establishing the first London Barristers’ Chambers dedicated exclusively to comprehensive international legal work. We understand that any service provided to our clients, when tailored to their specific needs as we aspire, will be directly impacted by our ability to enhance accountability for international crimes, empower victims to seek redress and consequently strengthen the Rule of Law.

With that in mind, Guernica 37 is part of The Guernica 37 Group, which is committed to support our non-profit association, The Guernica 37 Centre.  The  Guernica 37 Centre upholds a victim-centred focus, ensuring a holistic approach to legal representation and undertaking programmatic activities aimed at promoting non-recurrence of human rights violations.


The Guernica Centre was established in July 2017, as a not-for-profit law firm specialized in international criminal justice and accountability in the state of California.

The Guernica Centre works with victims and their communities to secure accountability for violations they have experienced.We represent the interests of victims in national and international legal proceedings, putting in place transnational accountability strategies that seek to maximize the protection of victims’ rights and promote meaningful national transformations.We work in varied contexts, including active sites of repression, ongoing conflicts, political transitions, postconflict situations, and democratic settings – always ensuring a context-sensitive approach.

This unique partnership is based on shared values and a common vision on enhancing accountability for atrocities, whilst maintaining the independence of each of the associated entities. As part of our non-profit commitment we undertake a number of pro-bono human rights cases and public advocacy campaigns.

During 2019-2020 we took on pro-bono cases involving Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Croatia, India, Monaco, Montenegro, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey.

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