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Guernica 37 International Instructions

Guernica 37 represents part of an an effort to create a truly international and sustainable platform that brings together experienced lawyers, investigators and other professionals. ​​Justice, accountability and sustainability are the central values leading the work of Guernica 37 and as such we provide technical assistance and create capacity building initiatives in post-conflict and post-dictatorship situations through legislative reform, institutional building, specialised training programmes, advisory  services, and targeted strategic investigations.


Guernica 37 promotes transnational accountability through litigation in national courts and other strategies to enforce human rights protection and international criminal norms in an effort to address human rights violations and prevent their recurrence.


Guernica 37 is an innovative International Justice Chambers specializing in transnational litigation enforcing human rights and international criminal norms in national courts. Our international structure provides a diverse team of lawyers from Europe, United Kingdom and United States of America with proven professional experience building legal accountability strategies around the globe drawn upon direct experience in multiple national jurisdictions and international bodies. We provide highly technical affordable legal services assisting individuals, civil society groups, businesses and government institutions to further transitional justice, defend human rights, enforce international criminal law and international norms. Our work seeks to transform societies assisting them to achieve equity, justice and lasting security.

Guernica 37 is international in its structure and vision. We are a team of lawyers with unparalleled experience, and a proven record of pioneering legal strategies around the globe. We build genuinely international legal teams with in-country partners to foster and exchange expertise among legal cultures, institutions, civil society groups, and victim communities.

Guernica 37 Chambers 

6 Pump Court (First Floor West)


London EC4Y 7AR


Tel: +44 (0) 20 3597 7130 


24hr Emergency number: +44 (0) 7519 722966

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