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Instructing Guernica 37

Guernica 37 is a specialist set of Barristers’ Chambers located in the heart of the legal community in London with associated offices in Madrid, San Francisco and The Hague. We provide highly technical  legal services assisting individuals, civil society groups, international organisations, businesses and government institutions to further transitional justice, defend human rights, enforce international criminal law and international norms.

Members of Chambers who are authorised to practise in England and Wales can be found on the Barristers’ Register. This contains details of their current practising status, date of call, areas of practice and any disciplinary findings. 


Fee structures and pricing models

Members of Chambers cover a wide variety of work, therefore a variety of pricing models are available. The most common are fixed fee, hourly rates, brief and refresher fees and Conditional Fee Agreements.

Professional, licensed and public access clients may contact the clerks to obtain a quotation for legal services.


Service expectations

Members of Chambers will endeavour to provide legal services promptly and efficiently to meet agreed deadlines. However, there may be occasions when timescales cannot be met due to:

  • Counsel’s availability

  • Availability of the client or relevant third parties

  • Complexity of the case and quantity of documents to be considered

  • The need for additional information or documents 



Members of Chambers strive to provide an outstanding service to all their clients. However, if you do have any concerns we will make every effort to resolve them and we have both formal and informal procedures in place for you to raise your concerns.

Our Complaints Procedure is available here.

Should you be dissatisfied with how your complaint is dealt with you have the right to complain to The Legal Ombudsman’s Office. This office also provides data regarding decisions in the previous 12 months. This allows you to see whether a barrister was required to provide a consumer with a remedy. This data can be accessed here


​​Our dedicated clerks will be available to advise on any potential enquiries.

Guernica 37 Chambers 

6 Pump Court (First Floor)


London EC4Y 7AR


Tel: +44 (0) 20 3597 7130 


24hr Emergency number: +44 (0) 7519 722966

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