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Daniel Taylor
Guernica 37

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(England and Wales) 2021


Daniel Taylor joins Guernica 37 Chambers as a Pupil; Dan comes to Chambers with a wealth of scientific experience and understanding, having had a career as a research scientist before retraining in law and being called to the Bar.

Being one of the few members of the Bar with a Science Undergraduate and Postgraduates, Dan's undergraduate was an integrated Masters which combined Chemistry, Biology and Medical Science.


His Dissertation identified a Cell Signaling pathway and enzymes involved in aggressive forms of Cancer. Dan went on to Postgraduate study the niche area of Bioinformatics, the intersection of which utilises Mathematics, Computer Programming and Biology; Dan's Dissertation looked at the Super Secondary Structure "flipping" in the peptide planes of a protein associated with Alzheimer's.


Dan then moved on to study for a PhD in association with the School of Computing Sciences at UEA and John Innes Centre as part of a Norwich Research Park Scholarship in the field of Intra-Molecular Protein Dynamics; his research was concerned with how Protein Domains move in real-time in relation to one another using quasi-rigid rotational methodology. The research resulted in publication in 2 highly cited peer-reviewed Scientific Journals and a PhD thesis.

Previous Experience:

Dan has undertaken research, volunteered with and undertaken additional training with various organisations which help to advocate for various causes, including The Kalisher Trust, where he has helped deliver advocacy training in deprived schools in the East of England, A-Law, where he conducted research into European legislation in Ear and Tail Docking on dogs and Amicus where he has written several short articles and has undertaken independent research on the Death Penalty in the USA under different Presidential terms.

Outside of legal practice, Dan has an interest in Mental Health. He was elected as a Mental Health Governor for the Norfolk & Suffolk Foundation Trust and conducted research as part of his BSc in Psychology. As a person with tetraplegia, he has been asked to discuss issues relating to SCI and disability in various forums.


BPTC, City Law School (2021)

GDL, University of East Anglia (2017)

PhD, University of East Anglia (2015)

BSc (Hons) Psychology, Open University (2015)

MSc, Bioinformatics, University of East Anglia (2008)

MChem, Biological & Medical Chemistry (2007)


Memberships, Appointments and Awards:

The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

Kalisher Trust Mentee on Mentor Program

International Bar Association

Kalisher Trust Advocacy Scholar

Amnesty International Justice

Inner Temple Pegasus PASS scheme scholarship




German (Intermediate)

Spanish (Learning)

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