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Guernica 37 Chambers

A Specialist Group of International, Criminal and Human Rights Lawyers

with a Socially Committed and Multi-Disciplinary Outlook. 


Our Story

Almudena Bernabeu and Toby Cadman met in 2011 and connected over their work in Syria. At the time, Almudena worked as a public interest lawyer in the United States and Spain, Toby, as a practising Barrister in Chambers in England. Almudena focused her practice on the representation of plaintiffs/victims of human rights violations while partnering with major law firms acting on a pro bono basis. Toby represented states and private clients while undertaking a great deal of pro bono work, as he understood and prioritised the human angle in all international criminal work.

Together they strived to combine private practice, great lawyering, socially effective and conscious advocacy. Almudena and Toby found a different approach, they assembled a team of highly regarded legal practitioners, international, diverse, socially committed, multidisciplinary with a wider and deeper reach to effectively serve its clients. Together they founded the Guernica 37 Group. The Guernica 37 Group is formed by its Guernica 37 Chambers in London, with offices in Madrid and The Hague and its non-profit arm the Guernica 37 Centre in San Francisco, with an office also in Madrid.

Our Name

The Guernica 37 Group was named to commemorate one of the most heinous war crimes committed in modern history, immortalized by Pablo Picasso’s famous painting. The German and Italian bombing of the town of Guernica in the Spanish Basque Country on 26 April 1937, at the request of the Spanish Nationalists, killed more than 1,600 civilians, the majority of whom were women and children.

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